Exceptional Track Record of Project Success

100+ implementations live in production since 2004

Why Guidewire?

What makes Guidewire different from other vendors?

One of the most striking reasons our customers give for choosing us is that they feel they can trust us. They like that our people are up-front—not only about what we can do but also about what we can’t.

Here are the other characteristics of our approach to serving you:

  • Focus—We are 100% focused on building modern core system software for P/C carriers.
  • Exceptional track record of customer success—Since our first implementation in 2004, more than 100 implementations have gone live in production.
  • Modern architecture—We don’t use any legacy or acquired code. Our products and platform are built using state-of-the-art technology.
  • Flexibility—Customers can readily tailor all aspects of our solutions to their unique needs while staying on our proven upgrade path.
  • Expert engineering—Our products go through >120,000 unit tests each time an engineer makes a change. They are rigorously performance tested at very high transaction volumes.
  • Efficient implementation—Lean, highly efficient implementation teams, with a median team size of 3 Guidewire consultants.
  • Here for the long-term—We build our products to last, and we conduct business to have lifelong relationships with our customers.
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