Success―At Implementation and Beyond

Guidewire customers have an exceptional track record of success


Implementation Services

Since our first implementation in 2004, more than 100 implementations have gone live in production. Our Professional Services team has built Guidewire's unmatched level of customer success through an agile, collaborative approach to core system implementation.

Listening to customers who could not afford the disruption and costs of runaway projects, we sought to innovate in implementation to the same degree that we had in software development. Today, several key characteristics distinguish a Guidewire project:

  • Small team of consultants with functional and technical skills, insurance experience, and Guidewire product expertise
  • Comprehensive project planning based on extensive experience with previous implementations
  • Commitment to identifying, tracking, and optimizing business value throughout the project lifecycle
  • Project execution organized into month-long "sprints" to maintain urgency and accountability
  • Ongoing scope prioritization to ensure strategic alignment to the business case
  • Complete knowledge transfer to customers to enable self-sufficiency

Value Consulting Services

Building a business justification for your core system replacement project can be a time-consuming and confusing process. Leveraging our experience working with scores of insurers around the world, Guidewire has developed a portfolio of Value Consulting services designed to answer these and other common questions:

  • What is the typical range of possible financial benefits?
  • How do our current processes and systems compare to our competitors?
  • What capabilities can a new system offer us?
  • How will a new system better support our strategic direction?
  • What KPIs should I target for improvement in my project?
  • How does the product support my targeted improvements?

Whether you are just beginning to think about system replacement or are already putting together your business case, Guidewire Value Consulting Services can help by offering an external viewpoint to ensure your business objectives are strategic, comprehensive, realistic, measurable, and supported by system features.

Technical Support

Guidewire technical support staff are accessible to customers via phone or email to troubleshoot and resolve issues rapidly. For critical issues, Guidewire support can be reached 24x7, and will work on the issue around the clock until resolution. Hardware and software configurations matching the environments of each customer are maintained at Guidewire headquarters as to accelerate issue reproduction and resolution. Serious customer issues that cannot be quickly fixed are rapidly escalated to our core engineering staff for priority resolution.

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