Success at Implementation and Over the Long Term

Guidewire customers tell their stories

At Guidewire, we learn something new from every customer on every project. And we apply this experience to continuously improving our products, implementation approach, and tools. It is truly rewarding to see the difference our software makes in people's professional lives.

Guidewire is proud to share some of these customer insights and experience with you through the following videos.


Sharing Insights and Solutions—Driving Customer Success

  • video jewelersmutual morethanatechnologychange ジュエラーズミューチュアル社における導入事例
  • video-mercury-insurancesuite.png 総合的なソリューション
  • video lv agile at lv Agile at LV=
    How the Agile methodology contributed to a successful implementation at LV=.
  • video-suncorp-onecoresystem.png 単一の基幹システム
  • video lv deliveringthelvway Delivering Insurance the LV= Way
    LV=  improves it claims management process and decreases training time.
  • video-mercury-paperless.png 業務のペーパーレス化
  • video lv servingcustomersatlv Serving Customers at LV=
    Describes how LV= is configuring ClaimCenter to improve customer service.
  • video-promutuel-businesscase.png より良いビジネスケースの構築
  • video beazely runningguidewire Running Guidewire at Beazley
    How Beazley approached their implementation and their plans for expansion.
  • video-suncorp-momentoftruth.png 真価が問われる時
    サンコープ 社は洪水や暴風災害の際にも、ClaimCenter のおかげで顧客にきめ細やかなサービスを実現できました。
  • video beazely vettingreferences Vetting References
    Meeting with customer references was critical during Beazley's evaluation of Guidewire.
  • video-sentry-whypolicycenter.png Why PolicyCenter
    Learn why Sentry believes it is vital to move to a new tech platform now and why they selected PolicyCenter.
  • video beazley whyguidewire Why Guidewire?
    Executives at Beazley explain how honesty and trust played a part in selecting Guidewire.
  • video-sentry-policycenterbenefits.png PolicyCenter Benefits
    Sentry has used PolicyCenter to increase productivity, enhance underwriting quality, and improve profitability.
  • video newmexicomutual Benefits of BillingCenter
    For New Mexico Mutual, using BillingCenter frees up their employees' time by 40 - 60%.
  • video-sentry-flexibilityconfigurability.png PolicyCenter Flexibility and Configurability
    PolicyCenter’s flexibility allows Sentry to easily adapt to changing business needs.
  • video-sentry-independentagentsperspective.png An Independent Agent's Perspective
    PolicyCenter enables Sentry to beat their competition in ease of doing business, making them the first choice for agents.
  • video-sentry-upgrades.png Upgrades
    Sentry discusses the effort required to complete various upgrades of PolicyCenter.
  • video-hanover-mobileclaims.png Mobile Claims Processing at Hanover
    Watch Hanover talk about their Mobile Adjuster iPad app.
  • video rosgosstrakh succeedingrussianmarket Succeeding in the Russian Market
    Executives at RGS describe why ClaimCenter is being used across 9 time zones to handle 1M claims annually.
  • video rosgosstrakh honesty Guidewire's Honesty
    Guidewire established trust at RGS with consistent honesty, even if it meant saying “no”.
  • video rosgosstrakh adjustingtimeline Project Timeline
    RGS reduced their implementation timeline from 12 months to 6 months based on business need.
  • video rosgosstrakh successfactors Success Factors
    RGS describes the key success factors for their ClaimCenter implementation.
  • video rosgosstrakh radicalprocesschange Radical Process Change
    RGS discusses the benefits of implementing a standard claims process built on modern technology across the entire enterprise.
  • video cooperators speedtomarket Speed to Market
    The Co-operators describes how PolicyCenter improved their speed to market enabling them to take advantage of new opportunities.
  • video cooperators consumerimpact Consumer Impact
    The Co-operators enabled its agents and underwriters to improve the consumer experience.

  • video cooperators underwritingresponsiveness Underwriting Responsiveness
    Underwriters at The Co-operators are able to work faster, more accurately, and in better coordination with their channel partners using PolicyCenter.
  • video-suncorp-movingforward.png Moving Forward with Guidewire
    Suncorp explains how taking advantage of Guidewire’s experience and ongoing innovation enables them to move forward.
  • video-suncorp-duringcatasrophe.png ClaimCenter During a Catastrophe
    When floods hit Mackay, Australia, Suncorp was able to use ClaimCenter to deliver quality customer service to flood victims on the ground.
  • video-amica-deploying.png Deploying ClaimCenter
    With Hurricane Ike bearing down, a rapid and successful deployment of ClaimCenter allowed Amica to deliver improved customer service.
  • video amica honestyintegrity Honesty and Integrity
    Guidewire’s honest and direct communication during the sales cycle through implementation allowed Amica to configure a better system.
  • video-autoclubsocal-speedingadjustment.png Speeding up Adjusting
    ClaimCenter has made adjusters at Auto Club  faster and more efficient by streamlining the claims process.
  • video-suncorp-localization.png Localization
    Executives at Australia’s Suncorp explain that localization was not an issue when rolling out Guidewire.
  • video-suncorp-partnership.png Partnership
    Suncorp explains that their partnership with Guidewire is a connection based on shared principles and a dual commitment to change the game.   
  • video-suncorp-agileatsuncorp.png Agile at Suncorp
    Discover why Suncorp has embraced agile and how it is used throughout the entire organization.
  • video-suncorp-catastrophe.png Implementing During a Catastrophe
    Gain insight into why Suncorp went live with ClaimCenter in the face of multiple catastrophes.
  • video-mercury-policycenter.png The Right System
    Mercury needed the right system to help ensure independent agents choose them over the competition.
  • video-mercury-businessit.png Business & IT Team Up
    Bringing together decision makers and IT allowed Mercury to do a complete system overhaul to great success.
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